Video: All your questions answered – in only 4 minutes

For those who prefer reading: Step by step through iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS

1. Log in

Access iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS at Here you can log in directly or register as a visitor, if you have not already done so.

If you have forgotten your password – no problem. You can generate a new one using the red link “Forgot your password?

If necessary, you may be asked to complete your registration data (“profile”) after logging in. Simply fill in all the fields here and you are ready to go!

2. iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS at a glance

After logging in, you will be taken directly to the overview page. Click on a sparkling star to immerse yourself in iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS.

Connect: network within the iba world of baking

Learn: Exciting specialist lectures and presentations

Discover: Innovative products and services

Entertain: Experience and fun

3. Discover - Exhibitors & Innovations

Navigate to "Discover". There you can choose between exhibitors and innovations.


In the list of exhibitors of iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS you can see all 66 exhibitors. Use the search function to quickly find a specific exhibitor or let yourself be inspired by scrolling. You can see the range of products and services offered by each company directly.


Discover the product premieres at iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS.

4. Learn - Exciting lectures and presentations

The varied supporting programme gives you valuable insights into industry trends and innovations. Attend exciting lectures and presentations held by experts from the baking industry and their trade associations.

In the overview of presentations, you can see all the lectures at iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS arranged chronologically. Use the search function to quickly find a lecture on a specific topic or let yourself be inspired by scrolling.

After clicking on "Learn more", you will receive detailed information on the content of the lecture and can register.

If you have registered for a lecture, an "R" will appear in front of the booked time.

5. Discover booths

The pulsating "Action Points" show you the exhibited products, but also videos, brochures and possibly other stands of the exhibitor. Whatever interests you - simply click on an "Action Point".

Many exhibitors will also answer your questions at the bottom of the screen via live chat.

If you want to stroll from one stand to the next, do so using the yellow arrow symbols on the left and right.

6. Communicate with exhibitors

Live chat

Take the opportunity to communicate live with exhibitors. To do so, call up the chat by clicking on the yellow "Live chat" symbol.

If the exhibitor is online, a chat window will open. You can enter your question directly. Or click on the telephone receiver at the top of the window for a voice chat or the camera symbol for a video chat.

If the exhibitor is offline, a contact form will open instead of the chat window, where you can enter your question.

Exhibitor without live chat

Do you have a question for the exhibitor? Then click on "View all content". At the bottom of the page you will find the company profile with a contact form.

7. Connect - network within the iba world of baking

Start Exploring

Discover the diversity of the world's bakeries. On the iba.VIRTUAL BAKERY TOURS you will get to know seven bakeries and their philosophy. Click on the yellow pins to learn more.

Add New Message

Behind each white pin you will discover messages from other visitors. Say hello to other visitors and light up the globe with your message.

8. Entertain - entertainment & fun

Click on the pulsating circles and be entertained.


Get to know seven bakeries from all over the world and their philosophy.

Photo exhibition "I am the bread"

The exhibition "Ich bin das Brot - Fotografien von Joerg Lehmann" (I am the bread - photographs by Joerg Lehmann) focuses both on bread as an iconic motif and on its cultural and historical relevance. Vote for your favourite photo.

Photo Booth

Here you become a photomodel. Take a fun selfie that you can have emailed to you. A look at the photo gallery will make you smile.

9. Your personal profile on iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS

If you click on the portrait-like user symbol at the top right of the screen, you will be taken to your personal profile. Here you can see all the lectures for which you have already registered in your individual programme overview. If the lecture is still in the future, the "Participate" button is still greyed out. Shortly before the event begins, you will receive a reminder and the button will turn purple.

Click on "Profile" in the top left-hand corner next to "Lectures" to view your stored user data and change your password if necessary.

10. Find instead of searching

You can explore iba.CONNECTING EXPERTS just like in real life. To do so, simply follow the steps described above and let the virtual experience take effect on you.

You want to reach your destination quickly instead? Then use the search slot at the top right of the screen. Here you will find exactly the exhibitor or method you are interested in.

On the results page, you can specify your search results - depending on whether you are looking for a product, a presentation, a specific exhibitor or a solution for your respective industry.